Our lead coach, Arthur Drechsler, has produced two resources that many thousands of coaches and athletes have found helpful – The Weightlifting Encyclopedia and its Video Companion.

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The most acclaimed and comprehensive book on becoming an accomplished weightlifter ever written. This 550+ page book, with more than 400,000 words, covers virtually every element of the sport of weightlifting


This three-hour video was created to supplement the The Weightlifting Encyclopedia book, by showing the competition lifts in their entirety and then breaking them down following the Soviet tradition of looking at the Snatch, Clean and Jerk through the lens of six stages – all with very different purposes. In addition, all of the assistance exercises refenced in the book, (e.g., squats, pulls and jerk supports) are included in the video as well, along with a few added exercises.

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Artie took more than seven years to write the book which you are about to read. It is the most comprehensive book on the subject of Olympic weightlifting that I have ever seen. It covers all aspects...from novice to the world class athlete. Read, study and apply the information you find within these covers and you will be richly rewarded with rapid improvement on your Olympic lifts. I wish this book had been available when I started the sport of weightlifting!

Tommy Kono, Two Time Olympic Champion, Six time World Champion, Established 26 World Records in Weightlifting and Coached Olympic Teams from Three Different Countries, including the US

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Finally someone has published a book about weightlifting to be proud of. It’s complete, accurate, informative and inspiring. A definite must have. This book will help every weightlifter from novice to world champion, I only wish it were available when I competed.

Bob Bednarski, Former World Heavyweight Champion and World Record Holder

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Everyone seeking knowledge pertaining to weightlifting must read this book. Every page offers new knowledge. It captures the power and complexity of this sport, yet explains the material in a simple and comprehensible manner.

Robin Byrd-Goad, 1994 World’s Champion, 8 time National Champion and Former World Record Holder

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I am fascinated. You Encyclopedia is the most comprehensive and most significant weightlifting book in my library. It is as must to have it.

Gottfried Schodl, President, International Weightlifting Federation (IWF)

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Magnificent! Covers every imaginable topic in depth yet in a down to earth style. A great book!

John Coffee, Coach of more than 20 Women’s National Championship Teams and Five World Championship Teams

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I just received a copy of your book. It's incredible! You explain everything so clearly that even long time powerlifters can learn to do the Olympic lifts if they follow your instructions. They can get some great information on getting stronger too.

Ed Coan, Four Time World Powerlifting Champion, Established More Than 75 World Records in Powerlifting

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The single most important book ever written on Olympic weightlifting.

Fred Hatfield (Dr. Squat), Ph.D., MSS, Author of “Powerlifting: A Scientific Appproach, President of the International Sports Sciences Association, Three Time World Powerlifting Champion and Established World Powerlifting Records In Five Different Weight Classes.

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Your book is a truly great resource. It belongs in the library of every strength coach.

Al Vermeil, Strength Coach of the World Champion Chicago Bulls Basketball Team

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The most complete example of international unity in the weightlifting communities. Here you successfully combine the scientific research of the Russian Federation and the tremendous experience of American weightlifting. Undeniably, it is a very good way to develop good athletes and improve our world.

Arnold Khalfin, Two Time National Champion of the USSR and National Record Holder, Many Time World Masters Champion and Former Coach of the Junior Olympic Reserve Team of the USSR

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This book is a big Weightlifting treasure for athletes and coaches. It is the first very successful effort to combine together the achievements of science and long Weightlifting experience in this country. Continued success!

Mikhail Kemel Merited Master Coach of the Former Soviet Union and Coach of 3 Time World Superheavyweight Champion and Former World Record Holder – Anatoly Pisarenko

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The Weightlifting Encyclopedia is the most complete book on Olympic style weightlifting ever published...I make a practice of reading some of it every night.

Gayle Hatch, Coach of more than 50 Teams that have Won Junior or Senior National titles, as well as 3 Olympians – USA Men’s Olympic Team Coach in 2004

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Arthur Drechsler, a former international level weightlifter, has put together one of the finest and most comprehensive books ever written on the subject of weightlifting. The Weightlifting Encyclopedia covers virtually every area of the sport in depth...Written in a down to earth style, it is highly readable and reflects the author's knowledge and love for the sport. It not only draws on the author's personal views and experience, but also contains collected material from many different schools of weightlifting - Bulgarian, Greek, etc. Highly recommended for anyone with an interest in weightlifting.

Fortius, Newsletter of the Australian Weightlifting Federation, Inc.